MAI MAO / Folk dope rally

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item code: HNCS-011

format : cassette / haang niap Records / NEW

MAI MAO second album is here. MAI MAO is a high-speed curved transition string improvisation duo by Kyosuke Terada (guitar) and Shizuo Uchida (bass). Two gentle beasts carries an acid and dope rally in a black hole of sound. The sounding feather bugs that run around at the speed of a second tickle the back of your ears and manipulate your life. Includes 3 improvised live take tracks. Release on cassette and data. The cassette contains the same track on both sides. Download code included.

sample sound

MAI MAO セカンドアルバムが登場。MAI MAOは、テラダ キョウスケ (guitar)と内田静男 (bass)による高低速湾曲転移弦楽即興二重奏Duo。まさにアシッドでドープなラリーを、音のブラックホールで運び合う優しい獣二人。秒速で駆け回る響きの羽虫が耳奥を擽り、人生を操ります。即興ライブテイク3トラックを収録。カセットとデータでのリリース。カセットは両面に同じトラックを収録。ダウンロードコード付属。