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item code: HNCS-008

format : Cassette / haang niap records / NEW

A live album of Duo unit "UH" by Takayuki Hashimoto (alto saxophone, harmonica) and Shizuo Uchida (bass). Uncut recording of the performance performed in Morgana on 8 Feb 2020. Because of the audience recording, the audience's voice and noise in the hall are also included, making it highly realistic. 27 minutes of being in a vacuum state intertwined sounds that have a sharp tension and hardcore. Same track is recorded on both sides. Limited edition of 50 copies. Cassettes with download code.

橋本孝之 (alto saxophone, harmonica) と内田静男(bass)のDuoユニット「UH(ユー)」のライブアルバム。2020.2.8にモルガーナにて行われた演奏をノーカット収録。オーディエンス録音のため、観客の声や場内のノイズなども入って臨場感高し。hardcoreで鋭い緊張感を持つ音が絡み合い、真空状態のままの27分。両面に同じトラックを収録。ダウンロードコード 付き、50部限定カセット。