Shizuo Uchida  内田静男

Since the 1980s, Been active as a Shokubaiya (Catalyst night) and Nijium.
Currently, Performs in units at hasegawa-shizuo, Albedo Gravitas, MAI MAO, archeus, vDBG, and Sosuikyo, as well as solo and in duo and trio formats with various improvisers.
Mainly improvises with 4 strings, both acoustic style and electric style.
Graphic design under the name "neconeco Design" and hosts "haangniap records" and "PaPa records".

80年代より、触媒夜、滲有無にて活動。現在、hasegawa-shizuo、albedo gravitas、MAI MAO、archeus、vDBG、疎水響などのユニット、そしてソロやさまざまなインプロヴァイザーとのDUOやTRIO形式などで演奏。Bassを中心に、アコースティック、エレクトリック両面でのインプロヴィゼーションを行う。
neconeco Design名義でGraphic designを行い、haangniap recordsと  PaPa recordsを主催。

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___ video of performance ___

Solo 2022.6.3 at Club Cuctus Nogizaka

Solo with Studio So(visual) 2023.08.27 at CO-valley Omori

Ayako Kanda, Homei Yanagawa and Shizuo Uchida 2022.12.10 at Bar subterraneans Harajuku

Takashi Masubuchi, Shizuo Uchida duo "Dripping Nocturne" (excerpt)