Kito-Mizukumi Rouber / "Kito-mizukumi rouber At Caberet Le Chat Noir"
It's KMR's neew great tombstone!! Live recording with new member "Mar mar sumol Ma rmar" on Sax.A number of famous songs. Fun songs that everyone can sing along shoot like a machine gun. Recorded KMR's exciting dance show with sheep and cows. listen and dance or die die !


Kito-Mizukumi Rouber / "Yume No kippuuri No KMR"

It's 4th album of kito-mizukumi rouber.
A collection of hit songs which all mankind should sing in chorus!
More right on failings from every ones favourite acid enka freak out band.
More broken avant-garde blues/failed garage rock than you could care to waggle your juicy double at. Numbered edition of 100, split release with chocolate monk in UK.

Kito-Mizukumi Rouber / "UKK kara TApe o hiku KMR"

It's third album.
This CD is not the same as released fromATTIC CASSETTES. New version that adds some newer track!
broken avant-garde blues / failed garage rock.
Factory-pressed CD in a mini-LP style card sleeve.

Kito-Mizukumi Rouber / "Boseki ni Tatazumu KMR"

Kito-mizukumi rouber is Acid garage Enka(style of Japanese old song) that failed music.
They are strange dance bands. Factory-pressed CD in a mini-LP style card sleeve.

The sound is totally destroyed blues/Beefheart/Enka tinged form implosion, with deliriously overamped paeans to the instant karma sound of Harry Pussy and Oshiri Pen Penz cut with growling gutbucket vocals, re-imaginings of traditional Japanese folk/pop songs as black dirge killers ala Keiji Haino circa Aihiyo/Black Blues and some hysterically amphetamine charged six-string breakdowns. The group describe themselves as playing gEnka that was refused musich and that perfectly sums up their garage-grunt approach to tonally demolished three-chord rock classicism. You know alla these dud college-boy 7s that you keep reading about that are always described as leery destructo-garage bombs with savant smarts and totally crude production values and then you hear em and they sound exactly like fuggin Pavement? Well, this is the kinda thing that you were hoping for all along. Imagine Fushitsushafs Pathetique slowed down to gDachu Bluesh levels of dirge power and then imagine punk primitive vocals over the top that would vibrate the hell out of Howlinf Wolf styled huffinf and throw in a guitarist that does Bill Orcutt-does-Zoot Horn Rollo via the PSF back catalogue and you wonft wanna leave. One of the best new Japanese underground albums since I dunno when and one that makes you believe all over again. Phenomenal and highly recommended. --Volcanic Tongue